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Tweeting from My BlackBerry

August 28, 2010

I average about 100 tweets a day and hardly any of those come from my laptop. Well over 90% of my tweets are made from my BlackBerry, whether I’m at home or not. (You should follow me on Twitter!) I’ve been very frustrated recently with the applications that are available for me to tweet with on my BlackBerry. I’ve always been a dedicated ÜberTwitter user, but I really don’t fancy the newer version. It’s slow, it freezes my phone and it drains my battery. I’m not a fan of the new user interface either. It was my intention to continue using the version that I prefer (0.971), but to my dismay, that version would no longer be available as of August 30, 2010. (Download ÜberTwitter here). In anger, I deleted ÜberTwitter from my phone and re-downloaded RIM’s shabby Twitter client.
Don’t get me wrong, Twitter for BlackBerry is a satisfactory application that performs the basic features of Twitter (tweet, reply, retweet, follow, unfollow, block, shorten links, post pictures) without draining the phone’s battery and I love the user interface. But something about it just didn’t click with me though I cannot explain what. Twitter for BlackBerry is available in BlackBerry App World.

So off I went in search of a Twitter client that wouldn’t give me urges to throw my phone against a wall.

Seesmic, known for their desktop and web applications, also provides an option for the BlackBerry. The interface is very clean and simple, almost to the point of being boring. The app performs all the basic features I highlighted above and it doesn’t require too much battery. Download Seesmic for BlackBerry here.

TweetGenius is another option that i considered. Many months ago, I had a free 30-day trial of the application and I really liked it. In my search for the perfect Twitter client, I had forgotten that I had already used my trial and I was greeted with an error message, asking me to register the application, which would cost me US$5. I am in no mood to pay for an application for the BlackBerry, so I quickly closed the browser and deleted TweetGenius from my phone. You can try TweetGenius free for 30 days, then decide if you like it enough to buy it. Just search “TweetGenius” in BlackBerry App World.

I went searching again. I came across Vodafone Update, an application that is available for desktops, Android devices, iPhones, BlackBerries and Nokia devices. Vodafone Update integrates Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, while being efficient on the battery. The interface is clean and aesthetic. All in all, it’s a very good app and I cannot remember why I stopped using it. Download it here.

I also found another application called YATCA (Yet Another Twitter Client Application) that received good reviews but appears to be obsolete now as I was unable to find an OTA link for it. By now, I was getting very frustrated and I reverted back to ÜberTwitter, cursing my luck (or lack thereof).

SocialScope invite code

SocialScope's login screen

SocialScope has been dubbed “A Mobile Inbox for your Social Networks” because it incorporates Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Flikr in one. The app is in private beta and users must be sent an invitation before they can use the app. I’ve heard extremely good things about SocialScope and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I sent a request about six months ago and it was only two days ago that I received my invite (via Direct Message on Twitter; it appears they were having a mass giveaway). I’m very satisfied with the application. It seamlessly runs all four services in one, no glitches or freezes and it’s kind to my battery. Hopefully they’ll stop being so stingy with their invites or release the app to the public, though I doubt either of those will happen. You can request an invitation here.

HootSuite, which has mobile apps for the Android and iPhone, released word last month that they’re looking for Beta testers for their soon-to-be-released BlackBerry app. I was very excited and signed up immediately. I’ve never been very lucky with private betas, but hopefully HootSuite will allow me to test the app before its public release; I’m very anxious. From what I’ve read, the app will enable users to use both Twitter and Facebook as well as a host of other features. Click here to sign up for the beta release of the app.

HootSuite BlackBerry

Early screenshots of HootSuite for BlackBerry

In my short time as a BlackBerry user, I’ve tried everything in terms of Twitter clients: Twitterberry, Tinytwitter, Blackbird, Tweeteev, Ubertwitter, Seesmic, bbTweet, TweetGenius and RIM’s Twitter for Blackberry. I always seemed to find something wrong with all of them; I’m yet to find a problem with SocialScope and I’ve deleted all other Twitter clients from my phone as well as the native Facebook application and my Foursquare application. I’m anxiously waiting to see if HootSuite will live up to my expectations.

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