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Rising Stars Recap: Top 6

August 16, 2010


On Sunday night, the top six contestants were announced. One by one they breathed a sigh of relief as their names were called. The last three on the stage (to no surprise) were Dalton Harris, Latoya Chambers and Phylea Carley. The suspense resulted in a very worried Dalton, as it was quite evident that he was nervous, but like I mentioned last week, Dalton would not be sent home. His name was called, leaving Latoya and (for the third week in a row) Phylea to battle it out for that 6th slot.

  • Rising Stars 101, the last time someone was voted in the bottom spot so many times was in the 2nd season and that was Kimanda Cummingham who was known for her infamous dutty whine performance (and she entered the competition singing a gospel song).

Let me give you the guidelines of the eliminations for those who are not familiar. The two contestants receiving the lowest amount of votes for the week will be given one more opportunity to fight for a spot in the competition. It is then left up to the judges to choose who stays. The song they performed in the eliminations should be the song they performed the previous week. Now I can continue.

Phylea must have realized that she was in a tight position and tried to trick us by singing a completely different song! Her planned flopped as the music and her microphone were shut off! Ha! That’s some funny stuff. She was clearly discouraged as she did not give us the flavor that we are use to. I would be dissuaded as well if the country, week after week, subliminally told me that they were tired of seeing me on their Television screens. Latoya amped up her performance on Sunday and convinced two of the judges that she really wanted to remain in the competition and so she was chosen to stay. Mind you, the performance was still horrible.

Anthony chose Phylea (who was his wildcard). Both Clyde and Nadine chose Latoya

  • Rising Stars 101 the last known successful wildcard Anthony had in the competition was Nickeisha Barnes who placed second in the 3rd season.

Dj Nicholas was co-host in the Chill Room with Pepita this week and lamented on how important discipline is for the contestants. Onwards with the episode recap!


This week, the contestants called on the Holy Spirit as they were required to grace the stage, the audience, the judges and this crime riddled country with some good sanctifying gospel music and they did just that. ALL the performances this week were exceptional! I said that last week was the best performance show but I will now have to retract that statement. It took the grace of God to bring out the talent in the performers this week.

Jermaine started off the night singing Glacia Robinson’s Hold My Hand. I have commented on how much I think this guy can sing, but this week, I signed and made it official. I felt the passion when he sang; his vocals were on point! He showed the sensitive side he has covered under that hardcore demeanor. And now I have greater respect for him. I must comment on how consistent he is, and he has been by far the most consistent  in the competition. He made Nadine tear up and I’m sure she was happy to have chosen him as her wildcard.

Camaley came right after him singing Lord I Believe in You. She believed in him and now we know why. The lord was truly on her side during this performance. On Sunday night, Camaley gave the best vocal performance since she’s been in the competition. English was not enough for her as she then started to bellow the lyrics in Latin. At the end of the performance she did something that I know would have caused many persons to shout HALLELUJAH! She rose to her feet. As simple as it sounds, it symbolized a lot. To those persons who have not been watching the show but want to keep up to date, Camaley has a condition that has caused her to be crippled. She is currently undergoing treatment. That gave us an inside scoop on her strength. She got under the skin of the host Lady Renae who, at one point, could not speak, trying to hold back the tears. Both Clyde and Nadine were moved by Camaley’s stellar performance. Anthony was rather cold and blunt and he commented on her performance saying it was corny.

Third was the person who was almost sent home. Latoya Chambers, who is really starting to annoy me. This week the production staff decided to give us an inside look on how the contestants prepare for their performances. I really don’t know what this girl was trying to say. At one point she was saying something about not being from Jamaica, and not listening to gospel and whatever.  She then commented saying that she won’t be comfortable until Anthony approves of her; low self esteem much? Well with regards to her performance, it took the presence of the Lord to make this girl deliver something worth listening to. She stayed away from those keys that she and Phylea stole from prison and gave us what we were waiting for. I can just imagine how she felt when her “god” Anthony shunned her. That was some really funny stuff, I laughed until I rolled.

Word on the street this week focused on what the public like to hear. Many of the ordinary citizens made some very stupid comments but from what I could fathom, they like to hear some deep RnB Soul and they love when the contestants take risks.

The fourth performer was Dalton Harris who performed When I Call on Jesus. He came back on track and redeemed himself from that ludicrous performance last week. I was waiting for the gospel theme because I know that Dalton would have nailed it and he did nothing but! Mind you, he was not he best as he must have grown accustomed to, but he was still very good. He seemed to have been feeling the spirit at one point because of how he was throwing his hands around and doing his face. Good for him!

Toni Blair followed right after singing a gospel storyline and brought all the dramatics that came along with it. She handled her high notes well and you could see that she was really into what she was doing. This girl is one of my favorites and I loved the performance. Not much to say about her. Anthony said her act was as “dowdy” as her dress. She was wearing black if that helps you to understand what he was trying to say.

Nekorah, like many of the other contestants, performed very well. It was not the best performance for me but it was for many persons, I still don’t understand the huge uproar she got. She sang a song that would most like be done at a funeral. Don’t get me wrong, she was good and she was the only one who got a good comment from Anthony!

That wasn’t the last performance of the night though; Chill Room co-host DJ Nicholas gave us a “special treat”. He performed some of his songs that angered the Holy Spirit the contestants were worshipping.

That’s the episode recap here are some of the popular tweets made on Sunday, August 15, 2010.

  • Big up the back up singers
  • Is Anthony an atheist?
  • I hate gospel reggae
  • Why did DJ Nicholas have to perform?
  • All the contestants did well

Well that’s all for this week, until next week I’m yah boi Dervin. Peace!


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  1. Phylea.. permalink
    August 23, 2010 9:32 am

    Heya Dervin boiii!!!..While I’m absolutely loving the blog, I must say your facts are not sooo entirely straight…1. It wasn’t that I wasn’t getting any votes at all..I just wasn’t buying any..2. I was onstage when the wrong track had started playing and like any artist, instinctively you open your lips and start singing. 3. Over the weekend I got real sick, like any of the contestants..YES..we are indeed human..I had to be rushed to the hospital an hour before the live show began…the way i felt, i would never wish it on any was real bad, to the point,i was coughing blood.thought i had caught the flu, it was more…i felt lik my chest and body was being ripped open by somn from the movie ‘Alien’…soooo..Dervin lovey, that’s just my bit to let you know that whenever you see any one at all..not caring if they sound, smell or look good, it takes alot of nerve to be infront of a camera..and for the experts it took alot of practice, so be easy..know what i mean..


  2. Dervin permalink
    August 23, 2010 12:36 pm

    OK Phylea. Thanks for clearing that up.

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