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Rising Stars Recap: Top 7

August 9, 2010


Last week, I mentioned that it was rumoured on the street that Beres was disqualified from the competition. On Monday, Rising Star producer Sharon Schroeter released a statement confirming he was, in fact, disqualified from the competition. She stated that his behaviour was considered intolerant and abusive; she went on to say that the contestants were intimidated by Beres due to his verbal abuse and threatening behaviour.
On Tuesday, the Star issued a release giving Beres a chance to rebut. Here is what he said:
“Dem nuh like mi, dem fighting me a lot. Anything happen, dem put it on me. Yesterday (Sunday), I am in the audition room and somebody seh something feisty to me and mi just ansa back. Dem start ketch attitude and call mi illiterate. Anything happen, a me dem blame,”
He explained that there was another instance when one of the contestants “belch inna mi face and when mi ask har why she do dat, she seh ‘so what’ and mi tell har fi go ….”
“Dem waan diss people and when yuh diss dem back, dem run go complain.”
He seems rather ignorant and crazy to me. I’m sure you all remembered that moment in the auditions when Anthony told him not to forget to take his medicine, its clear that Beres didn’t listen. We won’t spend any more time on him, he’s done his part, I wish him all the best.
Oh, and a word of advice, try not using any “big” words when speaking to him. He might accuse you of using “intelligent badwords” against him.
Onwards to the episode recap!


Just like last week the bottom two contestants this week were Phylea and Trevaugn Mills – no surprise there. They were both given one more chance to show us why they deserve to stay. In translation, this gave Trevaugn the opportunity to irritate the nation one last time. However, he was better than last week but not good enough. The fluffy diva again rocked her retro vibe and fought to show us why she deserved to stay in the competition. She won the likes of the judges, and I’m sure the audience, by a large margin as she was chosen by all three judges to stay.

Nadine, without hesitation, chose Phylea. Anthony thanked Trevaugn for being a good sport but his time expired. Clyde (or Clive whatever his name is) said something… but really though, no one cares.
The Rising Star production team decided to try a different theme allowing the contestants to showcase their versatility and professionalism as they were required to perform a medley.
The performances on Sunday night were acceptable, it was the best show since the season and we finally saw signs of the contestants maturing! Whew, thank the lord!
I’Octane was the co-host in the Chill Room this week with Pepita and he advised the contestants to keep it real. With that said, I’m gonna go right into the performances.

Wannabe bad girl Latoya Chambers was first this week and her being the one who kicked off the night was a huge turn off for the television audience. Dressed like a stripper, she performed a Rihanna medley, she might have pulled off the Rihanna fashion but vocally, she sounded like a cat stuck in a functioning washing machine. Annoying, right? She almost made me lose respect for Rihanna. She was horrible and on top of that she made a lame excuse about being under the weather, so can I assume that she has been under the weather from the start of the live shows? At one point it was clear that she forgot the words of So Hard. The judges and this At Home Judge were not amused.
The energetic one, Toni Blair redeemed herself this week as she performed a “medley” (seriously? I hardly call putting two songs together a medley) by Beyonce. She started off with Smash Into You and completely nailed it! She quickly transformed into her alter ego Sasha Blair and rocked Deja Vu. The judges were amazed and so was I.
The real Hot ‘Ed Jermaine took on a medley by Usher and Nsync. I must say that Jermaine is one to watch! He is really talented and he shows us that each week. He started off with Usher’s You Got It Bad and it rode it like a real jock! This guy might not be the best of singers but he knows how to entertain his audience and knows to make the girls go wild. He sang a collaboration of three songs and took the crowd under his wings. The judges were pleased with his performance and urged him to “connect” with his audience more.

Word on the street with Kimone this week focused on finding out if the judges’ comments have any influence on the public voting. The general consensus showed that yes, to some extent what the judges have to say does impact the voting. Some had some issues with one particular judge though, while some can’t stand Anthony, others love him.
Camaley came after Jermaine doing a medley comprising of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Owl City’s Fireflies and Bruno Mars’ Billionaire. Aww Camaley is such a little cutey. She started off with I’m Yours, she sounded pretty good until she took on the other two. She went back and forth with FirefLies and Billionaire. A few weeks ago she mentioned that her condition causes her to have struggles when singing and on Sunday night you saw or heard exactly what she was talking about. Anthony said that there was nothing to get excited about with that performance. I think her condition may just be holding her back in the competition.
Phylea came next. This week she “transformed” and was now looking more like Miss Kitty than the dancehall queen. She performed a medley by Lady Gaga. I am still waiting for someone to tell me what Phylea was doing. I mean, if you’re going to do a Gaga skit you have to come with the whole package. Where were the eccentrics? Her fashion failed, I don’t know what she was wearing on her head. Was it a wig or something she borrowed from a mop? She also keeps touching some notes that are protected by law! The judges, however, were blown away by her performance. I am left to wonder if we who are at home are hearing the same thing that the persons in the studio are hearing.

Nekorah. Ohhh I am so proud of this girl and how she redeemed herself from that tired act last week. She gave us a wonderful reggae medley. She had me rocking slowly at first then towards the end she had me doing some real Capleton high knees. Nekorah, I loved it! She convinced us all that she wants this! She seemed to have touched Nadine’s G Spot though. What was that about?

The fashion fanatic was last and was, alas, the worst performer of the night. I’m still in shock at Dalton’s performance. He did a medley by Chris Brown; now before I continue I have to say that I think this dude would have nailed this one because Chris Brown has so many great songs that Dalton could have done. But he chose the worst ones! At the beginning he started with Transform Ya. Oh My God! What was that? I was at ease when I realized that it was just for two seconds but I was soon again grieving when he screwed up Crawl. And really Dalton, that thing you were doing with your feet – what is it called? He then completely crossed the line when he messed up my favorite song, Forever. I almost cried. I hope he comes better next week, I know he won’t be eliminated so he can redeem himself. The judges were disappointed and so was I.

So those were the performances as at the August 8, 2010 show – the top 7. Here are some of the popular tweets made on Twitter on Sunday night.

    What’s Oneness?
    I’Octane gave some really good advice
    Dalton: “I am not single”
    Did Nadine tell Nekorah to hug her pillow and think about her? Oh zeen
    Phylea outfit , di gaga ting fail

That’s the review for this week. Until next week its yah boi Dervin!


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  1. nikki permalink
    August 9, 2010 10:42 am

    love it! i wasnt able to watch it, and i felt like i was there …. thanks

  2. Dervin permalink
    August 9, 2010 12:28 pm

    lol thanks…^.^

  3. August 9, 2010 12:44 pm

    This is hilarious!
    I’m not in JA right now so it’s great 2 be able to read this

  4. Donmar permalink
    August 9, 2010 12:52 pm

    DWl okay!

  5. Trish permalink
    August 9, 2010 1:03 pm

    lol really gud review, u hit d dalton part right on d head, i was laughing so hard lol….well keep up wit d reviews zn

  6. Pyerpiper permalink
    August 9, 2010 1:17 pm

    Were u there dervin when all this happened? Or you just want to generate some traffic to for effort here? Good going with the review. But don’t jump to go on the critic wagan if ur not sure what happened. Coz all you said was just mere assumptions. And u went as far as drawing conclusion about the individual. Its ok to criticize persons, but it is a disgrace when ur criticism puts them down.

  7. Dervin permalink
    August 10, 2010 2:54 pm

    it seems as if i have touched a sensitive button or did say something about your favorite that you didn’t like?
    whichever one, what happened happened and what happened is what i wrote about. i dont have to be in the studio to write about the performance, i’m sure what we saw on our televisions is what really happened on the stage.

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