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Discover and Download: Uffie

August 8, 2010



When my best friend sent me an audio file transfer request on BlackBerry Messenger about a month ago, I immediately accepted because I trust her taste in music. Once again, she didn’t disappoint. The song was called Steroids and it was by then-unknown Uffie and Mr. Oizo. It was love at first listen and I soon downloaded as many Uffie tracks as I could find.
I don’t want to classify her as techno, because it annoys me when people refer to any song with an electronic beat as techno. Wikipedia lists her genres as Electronica, Synthpop, Nu-disco, Indie dance, Acid house, Electro Hop (a combination of hip hop and electro), Rap and French house. (Sidenote: French house is AWESOME – Yelle, Daft Punk etc.)

Anna-Catherine Hartley is a Miami-born, Hong Kong-raised, Paris-based electro artist, vocalist, rapper, entertainer, producer and songwriter currently signed by French music label Ed Banger Records and Elektra Records. Though her music isn’t popular on this side of the world, she’s huge on the European club scene, especially in France and Ibiza.
I love her unique style; the way she combines a more subtle kind of rap with really sick electro beats. I love her provocative, quotable lyrics and her confident, IDGAF attitude.
Notable tracks include previously mentioned Steroids with Mr. Oizo, ADD SUV with hip hop mogul Pharell Williams, Hot Chick and MCs Can Kiss. Also worth mentioning is her 2007 collaboration Tthhee Ppaarrttyy, with labelmates Justice.
Her debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans was released in Europe through Ed Banger Records on June 11, 2010 and in the US by Elektra Records on June 22, 2010.

Discover and Download Uffie!
Official website | MySpace Music | Facebook


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