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Rising Stars Recap: Top 8

August 2, 2010


First of all I have to give a shout out to Francine for allowing me to voice my thoughts on her website. Let’s get straight to it.

On Sunday, the Rising Stars top 8 took us back, way back, as they performed some good ol’ oldies hits music. For the most part, the performers butchered the songs they chose. After repeated pleas from the judges for the contestants to choose the right song, it’s quite obvious they don’t know what “right” means. Maybe the judges should tell them to choose the “wrong” song and see how well they would do.

No one was sent home this week, but crowd favourite Beres was not present, word on the street is that he was disqualified; I wonder what that is about. Trevaughn and Phylea were in the bottom two this week and Trevaughn soon showed us why he was placed in that position.

Camaley started off the night singing Michael Jackson’s Ben, a tribute he did to his dead rat. I’m a fan of Camaley and I’m happy that she’s going against her condition and still fighting for what she wants but seriously? I’m glad that Ben was just a rat. The judges said it was not her best vocal performance and this At Home Judge has to agree.

Next up was Jermaine Michael singing a song by Cool and Gang called Cherish Your Love, I’m not a big fan of the Rising Star “tug” as I call him but the raspy rendition of that song would make any girl cherish his love. Clyde said he was speechless, I’m not sure If he was all that but he was definitely one of the better performers of the night.

Nikora followed right after singing Dione Warwick’s I Know. She bellowed the lyrics but Nikora, I KNOW I will NEVER love that song again. On to the next contestant.

Trevaughn Mills, dressed in his silky glossy top that was too tight be worn in public, STILL managed to kill and bury a wonderful song. Jamaica I have to ask, why is he still in the competition? Is unu a vote fi him enuh. Anthony said that he was by far the worst contestant in Rising Star’s history and I COMPLETELY agree. WAIT!!! Did Nadine thank him for trying to be sexy? Is that what you call it? Is that what sexy is?

Latoya Chambers tried to convince us that she’s a bad girl, no dear it didn’t work. She belted the lyrics, but unfortunately, I and I’m sure many persons watching, were more focused on that thing she had swinging on the back of her head. Anthony said she was “ok” and I think I’m gonna run with that.

So it’s no secret everyone was clearly happy that Pepita is now defrosting the ice cold Chill Room that the other host Kimone was supposedly to be “warming” up. But where is she though? Well they didn’t want to get rid of her yet, Kimone is now out of the studio and is in the streets hosting the Digicel Rising Stars Vox Pop segment of the show. Sounds big huh? No, that segment only lasts for 5mins. Back to the performers

Up next was the country boy, fashionisto Dalton Harris who performed Who’s Loving You by Michael Jackson. I’m all for teenagers doing their thing big and so personally I’m truly glad that Dalton is in the competition. He owned that song completely, his vocals were off the chain, and the hoarseness in his voice as Nadine said was what made that performance sparkle. Did anyone see the “fierce” attitude he was giving though? What’s up with that? And I’m sorry I can’t keep it in anymore, the slurry thing he does when he’s singing is really starting to annoy me. He must have been pretty shocked when Anthony said that his act was a mess, did you see his jaw drop? No one paid Anthony any attention, we all know how sporadic his moods can be.

Following Dalton was Toni Blair who sang Set My Heart On Fire. This girl used what God gave her and embarrassed herself but It worked for her and I loved it! She hit a few pitches, some of which she clearly couldn’t handle. Clyde said she failed to “set the place on fire”. Dancehall Queen Carlene look-a-like, Phylea was last and she showed us how much of a Diva she can be as she performed “To Be Real”. Yea yea yea, she touched some forbidden notes but she killed it none the less. Nadine and Anthony said that they are still waiting for Phylea to blow them away.

So that’s the recap. Here are some of the common tweets made Sunday night on twitter.

  • What’s up with ZJ Rush, can’t he talk? Is he not allowed to or something?
  • I still don’t know who that man is was sitting beside Pepita
  • What away dem ship weh Kimone
  • Weh Phylea shoes disappear gone?
  • Thank God Pepita is now the chill room host, the brought the vibe that was missing

That’s it! Until next week its yah boii Durvii, peace! Follow Durvii on Twitter or add him as a friend on Facebook!
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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Deff permalink
    August 2, 2010 11:53 am

    Good Job, i didnt watch it but i feel like i did, except for idk what tha hell these folks look like bt (Y)

  2. Bree permalink
    August 2, 2010 11:54 am

    LOL considering that i wasnt able to watch it ..looks like i didnt miss anything but the tweets ..
    Rising stars has been a downward spiral of absolute failure for the past 3 years now ….the last best show i have enjoyed was One third’s season ..sad because it has exposed some real talent … i think the production of the whole show needs a more hands on approach with the contestants as the last successful season had its either that or the contestants r dumb or dont kno one thing about singing

  3. Dervin permalink
    August 2, 2010 2:00 pm

    lol thanks guys

  4. JPier permalink
    August 2, 2010 3:33 pm

    Nice Recap… i had to run off after Trevaughn, AKA “The MESS’ song. Just got the news that Beres was actually disqualified due to is constant treats made towards contestants and cast members (rather despicable and atrocious) . Well GOOD i say, very good, now poor little Dalton can have a rest, even though i see were the recap stated that Anthony BITE at him re the performance. Toni… lol, i song with that girl before, yea, but i never knew she was up for comedy – joking with that amazing talent.

    Well IDK, i just think this whole competition is all just a substitute for COMEDY BUSS. Thanks God for the new CHIL ROOM host ‘PEPITA, PEPITA’… the Wonder Woman for to Kimone’s rescue.

    Well thats all for now, I haven’t voted for anyone as yet, but hoping to – WHEN THE COMPETITION OFFICIALLY STARTS.

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