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July 27, 2010

A friend informed me that my taste in music is “obscure”, after scrolling through my iPod last week. I told him that “eclectic” is a more fitting adjective.
I think music is the best thing ever and it’s imperative that I get as much of it as possible. I wish people would be more open-minded about it, so that they can diversify their musical library. There’s nothing I love more than discovering new music. I find new music from various sources.

Sometimes a friend recommends a song and I end up downloading a whole album. Sometimes it’s by clicking the #musicmonday or #nowplaying hashtags on Twitter. Sometimes I hear a really nice song on the radio, or during a movie and I Google the lyrics (or use Shazam) to find out who the artist is. Sometimes my parents tell me about who they used to listen to, back in the day. Sometimes I read about an artist on one of the many music blogs I’ve subscribed to.

The point is that it’s all out there for you to discover and download.
In addition to my “Songs Currently Stuck In My Head” posts, I thought it would be cool to do a “Discover and Download” post every once in a while. I’ll feature a noteworthy band, song or album that I’ve recently discovered, or one that I’ve been listening to for a while that I think YOU need to discover. The best part is that there’s no boundary. It can be anything from anyone, any genre, any style, any era.

Looking forward to it.

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